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Vitapack Megawhite

Vitapack Megawhite

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Be glowing and luminious with Vitapack Megawhite. Contains powerful antioxidant l-glutathione to make your skin fairer and clearer, detoxify your body, and help prevent disease. Contains l-cysteine to help your body produce its own glutathione. Also contains and non-acidic vitamin C for effective glutathione absorption with no hyperacitidy. Vitapack Megawhite contains 2 whitening capsules per sachet.

  • No hyperacidity nor cystic pimple breakouts, unlike other whitening products.
  • No need for separate Vitamin C.
  • See results in 2 to 3 weeks.
  • FDA approved.

10 sachets per box. Each sachet contains 2 whitening capsules.

As an antioxidant and for skin brightening, take one sachet a day, preferably in the morning or in the evening before sleeping and on an empty stomach.

For skin whitening, take contents of one to two sachets a day, preferably in the morning upon waking and in the evening before sleeping. For faster whitening, take one capsule every 4 to 6 hours for continuous supplementation throughout the day.

WHITENING CAPSULE (white colored capsule)
Glutathione (250 mg): A powerful antioxidant used as an inhibitor of melanin.
L-Cysteine (250 mg): An amino acid which is a precursor of gluthathione. Having the optimum level of cysteine can stimulate the body to produce its own gluthathione.
Calcium Ascorbate (100 mg): The non-acidic and non-sodium form of Vitamin C. It promotes the oral absorption of gluthathione.

Always read labels before using products. Body chemistry differs from one person to the other, effectiveness and reactions may differ. Visiting a physician before using new products is highly recommended. If symptoms occur discontinue use and consult your doctor.