Why You Should Consider Skin Lightening

by Chris M. on Jun 15, 2018

Whitening treatments are very popular nowadays. Light and bright skin is especially in fashion now, and supplements are considered the most convenient way to get that inner glow without having to layer on multiple products.


Even if you are not trying to lighten your skin tone, there are other reasons why whitening treatments might work for you.


  1. Your complexion is looking dull


A dull complexion looks grayish and sickly. You feel weird without makeup and some well-meaning friends who have seen you barefaced have asked if you were sick.


The good news is that dull complexion is very easy to fix! Dull complexion is a result of a buildup of dead skin cells and a lack of vitamins, and dehydration. Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and even more during the summer. Exfoliate regularly, and make sure that to eat well. Food rich in Vitamins B and E will help bring radiance back to your skin and make it look plump and young.


  1. You have uneven skin tone


Uneven skin tone could be the result of many things: sun exposure, dehydration, and sometimes it’s just genetic. It is normal to find that the skin around the nose and mouth to be a little darker than the rest of the face.


To address uneven skin tone, knowing the cause is really important. If sun exposure causes an uneven tan, then it is important to apply sun protection. (Although sun protection should always be applied regardless.) If it is just the natural state of your skin, find a gentle treatment that will allow your skin to go back to its natural state. The tone of your skin as a baby is what would be considered your natural tone, and a gentle, safe supplement is guaranteed to bring you to that point without being too harsh.


  1. You have scarring and discoloration


Acne and scarring are the biggest culprits of discoloration, especially on the face. There are many treatments that help fade acne scarring, like exfoliation and niacinamide, but when the discoloration is deep and persistent then a supplement should be considered. A quality supplement will help the dark marks fade faster and blend into the skin tone before lightening the surrounding areas. Once the scars have faded a good amount, you can stop treatment and take comfort in the fact that the supplement also helps your body match your face.


  1. You are unprotected against sun exposure

Sun exposure is the enemy of many skin problems: premature wrinkling, skin darkening, scarring, uneven skin tone are among the biggest issues that sun exposure can cause. It is important that you apply proper sun protection every day, even when you will be indoors (harmful rays can penetrate windows!). Results from taking a supplement without sun protection will not be as long-lasting.



VITAPACK Megawhite contains all the important ingredients to improve on these common skin problems. It contains l-glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that addresses skin damage, and l-cysteine, which helps your body produce its own natural glutathione. It has no side effects and keeps your skin smooth and pimple-free, preventing more scarring. Try it and see the results in as early as 7 days.

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